Frequently Asked Questions

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With LocaLeaves you can purchase individual plants as a one time order, or you can subscribe for a steady and easy access to fresh herbs, microgreens and greens. Subscription options range are weekly, biweekly or monthly. A subscription offers additional benefits such as discounts, recipes and gifts.

In addition to selling online, we also sell directly out of our plant hub.

Our plant hub is located in Amsterdam Zuid. You can visit Monday to Friday, from 09:00 to 17:30 and select your fresh plants on the spot, as well as view and learn about how we grow our plants. Visit us at Amstelveenseweg 690, 1081JJ Amsterdam.


Check our LocaLeaves recipes !

LocaLeaves plants are delivered alive with roots. You can give them water every few days to keep them alive. They can also be kept fresh in the fridge.

We have the easiest solution for you to keep your plants always fresh. Check our plant homes here. 


Every Wednesday. You can also pick up your box or plants directly from our plant hub from Monday to Friday, 9:00 to 17:30. 

We currently deliver in Amsterdam. We are working on expanding to other cities soon to provide even more customers with fresh greens. Stay tuned for updated!

We are sorry to hear this. Please contact us at or call us at 06 49171479 to resolve the issue.

Unfortunately, there is a limitation in our website that doesn't allow the selection of pick-up combined with recurring payments. You can contact us on or call us on 06 49171479 to schedule a moment for the pick-up.